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Bringing in the New Year – 2014

Balloon Drop Pilgram Rest Church

Balloon Drop 2014

Bringing in the new year with balloon drops. At Pilgram Rest church we hung two drops consisting of 2,000 balloons. The ceiling were very high, but we were still able to hang them without special equipment.

Balloon Drop 2014 - View Point

Balloon Drop 2014 - View Point

View Point Golf Resort had a 1,000 balloon drop for their New Years Eve party. We also did drops for Superstition Golf Club and Ritz Carlton. In all we filled about 5,000 balloons for drops around the valley.

Balloon Drops Galore

Balloon Drop with Agate Balloons
New Years Eve Balloon Drop using Agate Balloons
Balloon Drop Arch for New Years Eve 2012
Balloon Drop and Arch for New Years Eve

Each New Years Eve we work around the clock setting up balloon drops. This year we did the Marquee with a balloon drop filled with agate balloons. Also pictured is a balloon drop for Mountain Brooke Village.

Balloon Decor – New Years Eve – For Those Without A Voice

Ceiling Lights - Pearl Arch with Columns - Balloon Wall

Starry Night Effect with Balloon Drop and Balloon Wall. For this charity event we fillled the room creating an amazing starry night effect. The starry night effect is created with large helium filled balloons with lights tied to the end of the ribbon. We also setup two large balloon drops, a balloon wall with lights framed by two columns and an arch. It was a night to remember.